Arthritis Gloves: Reducing Pain and Inflammation

Anyone who suffers from arthritis that affect their hands will know just how painful it can be. The inflammation can make movement painful and can lead to a stiffness in the joints. It’s no wonder people are searching for any way to help relieve this pain in their hands.

One of the solutions that many turn to are arthritis gloves. These are a great thing to try because they require only a small investment, costing between $10 and $50, but can be very helpful. Also, they are safe and won’t put any more chemicals in your body or have any negative side effects like what you get when you take medication, which you are probably already taking enough of as it is.

Arthritis gloves are not your typical gloves that simply protect you from the cold to keep your hands warm. They work in a few different ways to help reduce the pain of arthritis in your hands, which is why not just any old gloves will work.

Arthritis gloves are tightly fitting gloves that can come with or without fingertips. If you plan to wear them most of the day, you may prefer the freedom of the open fingertip gloves, and for occasional use, or for during the night, wear the full gloves.

Because the gloves fit very snugly, they help to reduce inflammation. The compression itself can also be soothing. Circulation is also supported as the warmth is redirected back into the hand, encouraging proper blood flow, which supports the overall health of the hand and joints.

It’s very important to find the right fitting gloves. Take some time in the medical supply store to try on different sizes and brands. Become aware of what the options are, and focus on finding gloves that fit correctly and are comfortable to you, and they can make a big difference.

If you get a pair that isn’t quite right, you may find them more uncomfortable than helpful. You don’t want them to be too tight, or too large so that your movement is still free, but not uncomfortable because of the pressure, or hindered by extra material.

Make sure the material is breathable, as you may be wearing them a lot and don’t want to be sweating all the time. The right fabric will allow you to keep the necessary warmth in while allowing for the release of excess heat.

Once you know what size and brand you like you can purchase them online, but never buy a pair of gloves that you haven’t tried on first. Either purchase your first pair and the store after trying it on, or try it on and then go home and order the size and brand that suited you best.

Even simple steps can make your joint pain more bearable. Arthritis gloves are one way that you can reduce the pain and increase your ability to use your hands. They are not expensive and may even be covered by your insurance policy. They are definitely worth trying for anyone who is experiencing chronic joint pain in their hands.

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