Reducing Pain When You Have Arthritis in Fingers

You’ve heard people say that they knew a storm was coming because they could feel it in their bones? This is usually the case with those suffering from joint problems, such as arthritis in fingers, where they feel an increased discomfort in their joints when the air pressure changes.

As many as eighty percent of senior citizens suffer from some sort of joint damage, usually due to the regular wear and tear that comes with age. Sixty percent of them or more will experience symptoms. One of the most common of these is pain in the knees or fingers.

People experience finger joint pain differently. It may start simply as pain that comes and goes in the fingers. Over time, though, it can come more frequently and with greater intensity. It may be located mostly in the joints closest to the finger tips, or it could be experienced through the whole finger.

Arthritis in fingers can be quite a serious problem. What starts out has discomfort of brief periods of pain can become almost unbearable. As a matter of fact, it can require very strong medication or even surgery to help deal with the problem.

As the cushioning between the joints wears away with usage, there can be pain and inflammation at the joints as the bones rub together. This can make movement painful, cause swelling and stiffness. It can become difficult to do regular every day tasks using your hands.

If you suspect you may have arthritis in fingers, you should see your doctor to get a diagnosis. He can help you to understand what it is, how you can improve the condition and ways to make things more comfortable. He can keep track of your condition and prescribe any necessary treatments or medication you may need.

There are a number of things you can do to help with you arthritis. Many people believe that diet can play a role in how your joints feel. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is recommended, as is staying away from junk food and fatty foods.

Pain medication will help with the pain, but be sure it is also an anti-inflammatory and it can help greatly. Many people experience the best relief when they alternate two different types of medicine with each other.

When the condition gets serious, many people get steroid shots. These can be very helpful but also have many possible side effects. This is why it is only used in serious cases such as with rheumatoid arthritis.

Splints can also be used to prevent movement, and surgery is sometimes performed to remove growths or repair deformations. These are the more extreme measures that can be taken, but caring for the problem as best as possible from early on can make it less likely that they will need to be used.

A few other alternative methods include arthritis gloves and CMO. The gloves work to help the hands with the proper distribution of blood flow and to help keep down inflammation. CMO is a dietary supplement called cetyl myristoleate which can help to reduce joint pain as well.

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