The Best Cure for Arthritis

Anyone who has suffered the intense and persistent pain of arthritis has felt the desperation for a cure that is felt by anyone with chronic pain and inflammation. You can’t live a normal life and you would almost do anything to just feel normal again.

Any rheumatologist will tell you that there is no cure for arthritis. This may or may not be true, but the fact is that many people have experience complete relief of their arthritis symptoms through a number of different methods.

When we think about a cure we generally think about something like a pill that will turn our arthritis completely around and get rid of it for good. Something like this will work if you’ve got strep throat and take anti-biotics to make it go away. You won’t have to worry about it again, or at least not for awhile. This type of cure for arthritis is not possible.

What can be done, though, is to diminish and possibly even eliminate the symptoms completely. This has been done by many sufferers, mostly through lifestyle changes. Natural methods are often the best in healing the body. Chemicals as in medication certainly have their place, but in most cases our body will respond better to nature.

There are some supplements that have given great relief to some. For example a combination of flax seed oil, glucosamine, and corroidal silver can provide significant relief.

Cetyl myristoleate is another supplement that has been a miracle cure for many people. Even in pets, this one can get them from being completely stationary to running happily around. In humans, it often has a similar affect. Many people have been able to completely get rid of the pain. Most people express at least a mild to moderate improvement in their pain level, but some have complete relief. Of course, there are also those few who don’t notice a significant difference.

Arguably the best cure for arthritis is in lifestyle change. Getting plenty of exercise is important. If it is low impact, like swimming or using and elliptical machine it won’t hurt the joints, but it will strengthen the muscles supporting the bones so that there is less stress and friction put on the joints.

Diet is a very important thing to work on to improve your joint health. As a matter of fact, inflammation and pain can be worsened by eating certain foods, and there may even be allergies exacerbating the situation that you aren’t aware of. Switching the foods you eat is critical to having the best health.

Eating a diet very high in vegetables and fruits is at the heart of the diet. Animal products often have a tendency to make the pain worse and should be avoided when possible. Whole grains and beans and lentils are also great. Basically a good, vegan diet.

Although there may not be an official cure for arthritis, there are certainly many ways that you can improve your health and how you feel. A little research will reveal to you people who have had their life changed completely through consistently living a healthy lifestyle. This and other natural options are definitely worth a try.

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